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Will Davis

William was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. Due to continued hard work and dedication, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Throughout his career, his key focus has been to aid others. His career began with Cleveland Clinic, and his duration lasted eleven years. He held various positions which enabled him to embark on a new career path in Pharmaceutical Sales.

About Will

Probate Specialist

Navigating the waters of Probate can be tricky, especially without any guidance. At Ohio Probate and Luxe, we specialize in helping our valued clients handle probate issues successfully. We're here to help! If you have any questions related to luxury homes or probate procedures, we'd love to help you out.

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Will was a tremendous asset for us as we went through the home buying process in this market. He helped us prepare for viewings as well as offers, and made sure we were clear on each step of the process.

The market was crazy and he was transparent with us on what compromises he recommends, and which he doesn't. It was our first time buying a home so input and advice was really appreciated, and to be honest, needed.

Will showed patience with us, as we viewed at least 20 homes together, and was enthused and happy to help even as we had several offers not accepted.

I'll recommend Will to any family and friends seeking help with realty.

Andrew Hart
Mentor, OH
July 2021

He is the only realtor that I trust or will use while I buy homes in the state of Ohio. He is very open and gives the feedback you need and want.

Mark Robinson
Cleveland, OH
July 2021

Get a great job there was very patient with us through the out the whole.

Jose Beltran
January 2022

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